Alaska Pollock

(Theragra Chalogramma)

January - April

August - November

Wild Alaska Pollock: A Versatile and Sustainable Fish

Discover the versatility of Wild Alaska Pollock, the largest sustainable fishery in the United States. This fish’s mild flavor and firm, white flesh make it a joy to cook with, ideal for fish sticks, fish fillet sandwiches, and imitation crab (surimi).

With 16g of protein per serving and being low in fat, Wild Alaska Pollock is an incredible source of complete high-quality protein, perfect for health-conscious individuals.

Managed by one of the strongest catch share management systems globally, the Alaska pollock fishery ensures its sustainability, making it a responsible choice for your meals.

Indulge in the sweet and delicate flavor of this relative of cod, which is also popular for its roe. Whether frozen fillet blocks, Wild Alaska Pollock offers a tasty addition to a variety of dishes.

Experience the joy of cooking with this sustainable and nutritious fish from the pristine waters of Alaska. Embrace the versatility and deliciousness of Wild Alaska Pollock in your culinary adventures.

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Weight & Packaging

Whole Round Style HGT, Dressed Fillet Style
500-1000gr \ 1000gr+
Block packed (20 kg boxes)
200-400gr \ 300-500gr \ 300-700gr \ 700gr+
Block packed (20 kg boxes)
IQF (22.68 kg box)
50-100gr \ 100-200gr \ 200gr+