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Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka)
May - August
Country of origin:
USA / Canada
Fishing area
  • The Sockeye Salmon is second to the Pink salmon in total run size
  • Sockeye salmon runs are typically seen in Alaska starting in late May and ending in the early part of August
  • Good alternative to Atlantic salmon due to the red, firm meat
  • Sockeyes salmon is perfect for all culinary applications
Whole Round Style
2-4 lb \ 4-6 lb \ 6 lb+
Totes; 50 lb or 100 lb cartons
HGT \ H&G Tail-on Style
2-4 lb \ 4-6 lb \ 6 lb+
Totes; 50 lb or 100 lb cartons
Fillet Style
500-1000 gr \ 1000-1500 gr
Totes; 50 lb or 100 lb cartons
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