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Flathead Sole (Hippoglossoides elassodon)
January - November
Country of origin:
USA \ Alaska
Fishing area
  • Flathead sole is not true sole (which is found only in the Atlantic), but is related more closely to flounder
  • Flathead soles have firm white meat and thicker fillets, and they most closely resemble the true European sole. Sole have a delicate, mild flavor
  • Flathead sole are also harvested incidentally in fisheries for Pacific cod, Pollock, and other flatfish
  • The primary products are headed and gutted fish with roe-in, as well as kirimi (fish slices)
Whole Round Style
200-300gr / 300-500gr / 500-700gr
700-900gr / 900gr+
Block packed (40 and 50lb bags)
H&G Style
100-200gr \ 200-350gr \ 350-500gr \ 500gr+
Block packed (16.5 and 20 kg bags)
Fillet Style
30-85gr \ 85-140gr \ 140-200gr \ 200gr+








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