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512 6th Street South, Suite 201
Kirkland, WA 98033, USA
Phone: +1 425-828-6500
Fax: +1 425-828-6501
E-mail: info@sogda.com

Room 801-1.#17
Haimen Road
Tel:+86 15964214316
Fax:+86 532 83877273
E-mail: info@sogda.com


For any enquiries or comments about our products and services please contact us through one of our contact details. We look forward to answering your questions and highly value your comments. Thank you.

  Position:   Name:
President: Yuriy Babadzhanov
Vice-President: Simon Ross
Vice President-Business Development: Achaa Oyun
COO: Alex Babadzhanov
Director of Sales: Andrey Belov
Sales: Max Novikov
Sales: Ilya Maximov
Sales: Vlad Tomita
Sales: Alina Jaroshevska
Sales: Chun Chen
Purchasing Manager: Robert Gershberg
Purchasing: Janet Edgar
Purchasing: Daniel Fisher
Purchasing: Tyler Sturrock
Purchasing: Martin Dovgopol
Logistics Manager: Megan Gorman
Logistics: May Nong
Logistics: Shan Yip
Logistics: Andrey Melniciuc
AP/AR Manager: Olga Belenkaya
AP/AR Assistant: Oxana Zhuravleva
General Manager: Kevin Zhao
Sales: Frank Yan
Sales/Logistics: Susan Sun
Accountant: Melody Liao
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